Bournemouth Care Home

Welcome to Seabourne House! If you are looking for a care home in Bournemouth for your loved one, look no further than our home care facilities. They are situated in one of the quiet residential suburbs and a short walk away from the golden sandy beaches of Southbourne. Our team of specialists provide high-quality care for your loved ones who are with or without dementia in a relaxed, secure, and homely environment.

Seabourne House is managed by experts who respect all individuals and believe in inclusivity and diversity. The staff that run our luxury care home in Bournemouth are caring and fully dedicated to tailoring their work and skills to each person’s specific needs.

Seabourne House is the home of the people under the care of our experts, and we never compromise this feeling of belonging that we give them. We make them feel at home and that the staff are, in fact, the visitors

The Number One Bournemouth Care Home

Seabourne House is renowned in Bournemouth, and it is considered one of the best care homes for people with or without dementia. We tailor our work depending on each person’s needs or dementia stage, and we have the right facilities and atmosphere for them. In fact, we own 48 large en-suite rooms that span across three floors. We have three double rooms to enable couples to stay together based on their demands.

With extensive care, we will attend to people with dementia to avoid undermining their abilities or sense of independence. Our atmosphere is ideal because we take into consideration the well-being and independence of people with dementia. For this, we can proudly say that Seabourne House is here to lessen all confusions and fears that can come to people with this type of memory loss.

We will care for people with dementia in our home and will make them feel as good as possible. We have visual and audio cues set up that will spark memories in their brains that will ease them and make them remember their room, for example.

As mentioned before, our location is complementary to our care, and being situated next to the breathtaking Southbourne beach has its perks. The residents will consistently experience the delights of living so near the Dorset coastline.

Not all care homes have our mindset; we want the residents to feel at home and that our staff are the visitors. Our staff echo this belief throughout all of Southbourne House. We will welcome them and care for them and make them feel a sense of value, along with having a sense of belonging. They will always feel like a part of a close-knit community and a part of a bigger family in our home care facilities.

Our Bournemouth Care Home Service

Now that we’ve established our mindset and communicated our values to you, it’s time to dive into our care home services. Read on to discover what we have to offer here in Bournemouth. From pre-admission assessments to care reviews, we prioritise high-quality care for all people and tailor our services to their needs.

Bournemouth Care Home

We guarantee the highest levels of well-being, and thanks to our persistence and mindset, we’ve been approved by the Care Quality Commission. Even more, we have a support team that ensures a clean, comfortable, and secure environment at our facilities in Bournemouth.

Highly Skilled and Experienced Staff

We at Seabourne House Care Home are all included in prioritising everyone to get the care they need. Our entire staff, from the highest to the lowest of positions, are all passionate about ensuring that everyone’s needs are met.

All our staff, no matter their experience, are inducted with care for two weeks initially in our home. This preparation includes ensuring they have the practical skills to make sure they are capable of doing everything properly no matter the circumstance.

Every one of our staff members is always being assessed and monitored to make sure their service meets the required quality and care expected by LuxuryCare. All our staff can work towards a higher level of position in the company, along with being able to work towards a diploma in care.

Luxury Accommodation

At LuxuryCare Bournemouth, we care about creating a home where everyone is included. We also care about having rooms in our home that have a comfortable bed and quality furniture to maximise the care our customers get.

We care to adapt to any singular person’s needs, from mobility aids to hoists. Our care home is a step over every other in terms of quality of service and quality of care!

Our Rooms

Here at our Bournemouth care home, we have the utmost confidence that our residents’ rooms will be as good as the care they will receive. We want everyone to feel at home and to get the care they deserve; therefore, all our rooms are very spacious. In addition, our residents can bring their furniture if they wish to.

The most important thing we care for is that the divide between company/employee and customer is reduced as much as possible. We want our relationship with the residents to be as positive as possible. We will listen to every person, no matter what, and we will respond with love and care.

We always care that when they move from their home to our Bournemouth care home, our residents can choose the room’s colour and even bring with them anything they connect to from home. This includes photographs, furniture, mementoes, a favourite armchair, etc.

All our rooms are furnished with care and with bright, optimistic colours. We also have specially placed memory boxes that are filled with our residents’ favourite photos. This is done to ensure that no matter the mental illness, they will always spark a memory and help them remember which room is theirs.

Communal Areas

Our communal areas at the Bournemouth Seabourne home are scattered with cosy armchairs and have been designed in a way that inspires warmth and care. Our environment will always allow people to talk and sit together.

We will always have pictures of our activities and our residents scattered around our care home. These include anything done outside or inside our home.

Our support services team is always on standby to clean all the rooms. We also care that our residents can choose to clean their own room.

A Range of Facilities

Here at our care home in Bournemouth, we have made sure that our facilities meet everyone’s care as effectively as possible. We also care to ensure everyone has a healthy diet filled with nutritious meals. Our care home will also provide them with a clean wardrobe and bedding. Our care will leave your loved ones wanting for nothing!

We firmly believe that our care home should provide everything available at our residents’ homes. Our facilities will have a hair salon and a medical service. Our home will also have a chaplain and a fully equipped kitchen, complete with a highly trained chef. We’re committed to providing the best care services in Bournemouth.

Medical Services

We have an appointed doctor on standby for all our residents’ medical needs. The doctor can carry out scheduled check-ups and provide treatment here at our care home. This means that all our residents’ health problems will be dealt with properly and with care.

Regular medical visits from professionals are also scheduled to help us in monitoring dementia in our residents. These professionals also include:

• Psychiatrist

• Therapist

• Chiropodist

• Audiologists

• Local Nurses

Laundry Services

Our housekeeping team will work hard to make sure that everyone’s clothing and bedding is in good condition and always clean. This is a strict requirement to make sure our residents are protected from nasty germs that could cause illnesses.

Our special detergent OTEX will make sure that everything is microscopically cleaned, ensuring that nothing potentially dangerous can enter our care home facility. Our homes are kept as clinically hygienic as possible while remaining as close to home as possible.

We will never mistake a resident’s clothes for another due to identifiable button tags. We also can carry out, with care, special dry cleaning for some special wardrobe items. The dry-cleaning cost is not included in the fees.

Hair Salon

Being able to go to a hair salon, no matter how simple of a prospect it is, should be available for anyone. Our residents will be provided care and quality haircuts and styles so that they feel as optimistic and happy as they can. We have specially trained hairdressers to care for dementia residents to make people under our care feel indulged, no matter their illness.


Everyone receives quality care and catering in our home. We will make sure people under our care will eat three total nutritious meals daily. Our breakfast spreads, our cold lunches, and sit-down dinners will make sure our residents feel right at home. Our special meals in our Bournemouth Care home are, to say the least, luxurious.

Dinner is quite a spectacle here at our care home. The three-course meal is laid out on a big table with care. Our residents don’t have to stick to our set menu as our chefs will happily make them something else if they prefer.

Our meals are prepared with care and with the dietary requirement of every resident in mind. We will handle our residents’ health with care and make sure that they stay healthy and fit in our home.

Our Bournemouth Care Home Activities

At our Bournemouth home, we promise that all our residents will feel as comfortable as they would feel staying at home. We have made an effort to decorate and design rooms based on our residents’ likings so that they feel at home. This service is one of the many reasons our care home is one of the best homes Bournemouth can offer.

We will make sure that our residents don’t feel excluded while staying at our home. We have continually improved our onsite facilities, such as the hair salon, the medical centre, and the laundry service. These services are what make our home the best care home in Bournemouth. Along with our amazing facilities, we offer all different kinds of activities in our home that will make sure every last one of our residents is cared for.

These activities in the home include afternoon tea, word games, flower arranging, baking, and much more. With these activities, we can make sure that our residents feel right at home, and this will help us

make sure that they are being taken care of properly. All our staff members hope to form a meaningful relationship with our residents so that they never feel away from home and family.

There is never a boring moment here at Seabourne Care Home. We will always make sure that our residents feel at home and included and never feel lonely. Our exciting daily activities at home will always cheer them up no matter what.

Afternoons here at our Bournemouth care home are filled with arts and crafts, games and karaoke. We rent out beach homes and huts for trips to the beach. We also plan home and pub lunches for our residents. We often have local children come into our home care facilities after school to have tea with us.

Our residents love to interact with them since the children make them feel included and filled with care as they would be at home.

Day Trips

Some of our activities are at home, and some are outside our home facilities. We have planned a visit to the Tank Museum and have made trips to the New Forest. Our residents have been able to wander around Hobbycraft to pick up anything they need, along with being able to go to the theatre to watch anything they want.

We also plan trips to many other local museums and art galleries. As you can see, our care home never has a dull moment for our residents. We take their care very seriously and aim to become the best care home in Bournemouth.


No one has ever been under our care and regretted being there. We have some of the best home care facilities and care homes in Bournemouth. Head over to our testimonials page and scroll through the rich testimonials of the families of our residents. We are very proud to receive such positive feedback on our care. We will always strive to become the best care home and will improve our services and homes.

Why Choose Our Bournemouth Care Home?

The care and happiness of our people are of paramount importance here at the Seabourne Care Home. We are continuously monitoring and assessing the abilities of our staff to achieve the maximum amount of high-quality care.

At our care home in Bournemouth, we want our customers to know that we’re a care home renowned throughout the country. We are proud that the Care Quality Commission gave us such a positive rating when they inspected our facilities and quality of care. Their endorsement proves that our care here in our Bournemouth care home is exceptional.

Over the years, we have looked after many residents who have been fully satisfied with their time at our home. We have many positive reviews, which can be seen on our testimonials page. These comments should assure everyone that our care is top-notch and the best there is in the home care industry

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Here at our home care facilities, we have the health and happiness of our people at heart. We strive to keep our care services and facilities first-class, and we guarantee that our home will always offer high-quality care.

At our Seabourne home in Bournemouth, we have done all we can to make sure that our home and care facilities will let us take care of anyone under our care as best as we can and as effectively as possible. We will always care for people in every way possible, from healthy diets to clean clothes and bedding.

We will care for our residents’ minds, and we will care for our residents’ bodies as much as we can. Contact us today by calling 01202099747 or emailing and make sure that your loved ones get the best care in the best home in Bournemouth.