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If you are looking for home care facilities in Bournemouth, look no further than Seabourne House for your dear ones. Our facilities and accommodation rooms are situated in one of the quietest residential suburbs of Bournemouth, and our residents are lucky to be situated next to the beautiful Southbourne beach.  

Seabourne House is a perfect setting with a relaxed, safe, and homely environment that our team members maintain with their expertise. Our team of experts provide high-quality care for elderly people with or without dementia. We firmly believe that we need to assess residents case by case because each specific need should have a tailored service. 

Not only do our experts have the required skills and experience, but they also have the mindset for this delicate job. The staff that manages Seabourne House treat every person with dignity and respect and give them a sense of belonging.  

A Care Bournemouth Residents Can Trust

Seabourne House is revered in Bournemouth, and our recurring clients consider it one of the best home care facilities for people with or without dementia. We offer bespoke services depending on the person’s dementia stage or specialised needs, and we have the perfect location, atmosphere, and staff for them. In fact, our team oversees 48 large en-suite rooms on three floors. We also own three double rooms for couples who wish to remain together for at-home care

We will tend to people with dementia with delicacy and care to avoid any action from being misinterpreted. We avoid undermining their abilities and sense of independence with our experience and skills in the home care world. Our atmosphere is perfect for them because we take into consideration their well-being and dignity. 

Here at Seabourne House, we mitigate confusions and fears that can emerge in people with this type of memory loss. You might be wondering how this is possible. To offer a few hints, our experts use visual cues, sensory reminders, and kind guidance for direction when necessary.  

We are always committed to making the residents there feel independent, with no compromise to their dignity. Our experienced handling of these situations is proven to lower levels of frustration, anger, and agitation in residents with dementia. 

 We care for people with dementia and make them feel as good as possible. Thanks to our experience, we know what kind of visual or audio cues to give them to spark their memories and ease things on them. For example, we might direct with extra care to make them remember the direction independently. 

As mentioned before, our location is complementary to our care and being situated next to the breathtaking Southbourne beach has its perks. The residents will consistently experience the delights of living so near the Dorset coastline. 

Not all care homes have the same mindset as ours. We firmly believe that the resident should feel at home and that the staff is their visitor. This belief is echoed throughout all of our home care facilities. Our experts welcome and care for your loved ones by giving them a sense of value and belonging. We will always strive to make them feel part of a family here at our home care facilities. 

Care home Bournemouth

 Our Bournemouth Care Home Services

The well-being and happiness of our residents are at the heart of what we do at Seabourne House. For that, we consistently monitor and assess the capabilities of our staff members so that we always deliver the highest of standards. That’s why our clients consider Seabourne House to be one of the best luxury care homes in all of Bournemouth. 

Even our dementia care is well-balanced to guarantee that our actions never undermine someone’s capability or sense of independence. Designed with our residents’ needs in mind, Seabourne House exists to minimise all confusions that can lead to agitation, anger, and frustration due to memory loss.  

Read on to discover to what extent we can help your loved ones in our home care facilities. You will learn about our care plans, accommodation, activities, the range of our care facilities, and much more! 

Care Plans

Dementia forms as a result of Alzheimer’s or a reduction of oxygen that reaches the brain. This disease destroys brain cells and breaks the electrical connections, preventing people from functioning properly. Here at our home care facilities, the team of experts is specialised in treating people in each dementia stage because different degrees require a different approach. 

Dementia affects people in unique ways, and some struggle with even the most basic of daily tasks. For some, it can lead to irreversible memory loss, which consequently breeds a sense of fear and confusion. To perform the right treatment at the right time, we create bespoke care plans. 

Here at our home care facilities, we devise intricate care plans tailored to each individual. We make sure our plans are adjusted depending on the stage of dementia due to its progressive nature and follow up continuously. Before we welcome someone new to our family, we assess certain aspects when devising the care plan, such as capabilities, habits, medicines taken, daily routines, and more. 

To construct a careful care plan, we undertake pre-assessments, study the medical records, and discuss the necessary information with all involved parties. We take all necessary precautions since the dignity, health, and sense of independence of each resident are a priority. 

Prior to moving into our care home, we finish writing up the detailed care plan that considers every aspect of the person’s life such as capabilities, habits, daily routines, and medicines.  

This way, we ensure that we laid down a reliable base for the needs of your loved one in the future. Of course, we don’t keep the care plan hidden; each member of our staff must have a summary of the care plan because they will all be involved in each person’s life. 

Getting to know each and every resident is at the heart of our home care plan. We believe nursing care homes should care for their home care residents just the same way as if they were in their own home. Our care home will keep a keen eye on every residents’ health and wells-being. 

Care Home Bournemouth Accommodation

At our Bournemouth care home, we prioritise delivering the highest quality care to care for residents with or without dementia. Our home care unit will offer unmatched care and accommodation that is best fit for home care needs.  

We aim at differentiating ourselves from other care homes by the luxury standards of accommodation and home care we offer. It is our top priority that the people under our care are offered a suitable and comfortable care home they could call their second home.  

Our home care unit’s commitment to delivering only the best accommodation and care has earned our care home a “Good” standard from the Care Quality Commission assessment. 

Care home Bournemouth

 Fun Activities for All Residents

Here at our Bournemouth care home, there is never a dull moment. When you first think about care homes, you would assume that residents spend dull repetitive days. However, at our home care unit, there is always something to get up to. In addition to our care package, we also like to care for our home care residents’ spirits. Our care package includes the occasional beach outings, museum visits, tea parties, scrabble, bingo, Jenga, horse racing, baking, cheese and wine, and even birthday celebrations for each and every one of our residents. 

Why Choose Our Care Home Bournemouth Residents?

Seabourne House nursing home of care is a leading care home here in Bournemouth. Our home care unit is run and managed by a team of home care professionals. From the head of management to the last support care staff, we are committed to delivering the best home care service out of all the care homes out there.  

Our nursing home care unit aims to meet every single one of our Bournemouth residents’ needs. When we initiate our care employment process for our home care unit, we place our new care employees through two-week probation, regardless of their home care experience. This allows us to control the standards of home care at our Bournemouth care home.  

After that, we integrate a buddy system in order to make sure every single one of our care employees continues to maintain the same care standard we desire. 

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Seabourne House is your go-to nursing home care service here in Bournemouth. As a care home, we invest our care in placing our residents’ health and happiness at the centre of our home care service. We make it our duty to care about assessing and monitoring for better ways we can start delivering our home care here in Bournemouth.  

Our top priority is to deliver the highest quality nursing home care in all of Bournemouth. We believe that when it comes to home care, anything less than optimal care delivery is underperforming. Our home care unit is dedicated to serving only the best standard of home care you can find here in Bournemouth.  

Our team at the nursing home care unit here in Bournemouth is committed to going above and beyond in delivering care. Contact us today to find a new care home for your loved one to act as their home care unit. Call us now at 01202 099747 or email us at for any inquiries you might have about our home care service here in Bournemouth.