Compassionate Dementia Care

The onset of dementia isn’t just a worrisome time for the person living with it, it’s worrying for their family, too. Seabourne House offers compassionate dementia care, with outstanding facilities to support those with dementia, and passionate, talented care staff who can ease the uncertainty of family members who may be worried about their loved one’s wellbeing.

Living with dementia

We firmly believe that just because a person is living with dementia doesn’t mean their life has to drastically change. While there are, undoubtedly, activities that they may no longer be capable of doing, there will still be plenty of activities that they can do that will make them smile.

The key to making the people who live with us comfortable and happy in their new home is getting to know them! We make a very conscious effort to get to know every single person who calls Seabourne House their home.

We discover their likes and dislikes and encourage friendships between the people who live with us and our care staff. We hold activities where people can bond and feel engaged, and organise trips out in the local area – from seaside wanders with fish and chips to trips to local museums.

Delivering dementia care

Whether the person coming to live with us at Seabourne House requires residential dementia care or nursing dementia care, we will create for them a unique care plan with the help of the person themself, family, friends, doctors, and care staff that have previously looked after them.

Our luxury care home has been designed to facilitate the day-to-day life of those living with dementia – from colour-coordinated areas to trigger association and reduce confusion to facilities that allow those living with dementia to embrace the world in which they live.

Many of those living with dementia feel more attached to their past, while recent memories can quickly slip away. The people who live with us have access to objects that allow them to properly engage with the reality they live in, helping them to remain calm and settled.

Dementia is a progressive disease, so we work closely with a multidisciplinary team to monitor and assess those in our care, ensuring we adapt their care plan accordingly

Residential dementia care

Our residential dementia care offers day to day support for those living with dementia, facilitating independence, while encouraging social interaction and relationships at Seabourne House. Our intensive in-house training program provided by the LuxuryCare group ensures our staff are qualified to deliver residential dementia care in line with the Dr Gemma Jones ‘behavioural staging model’.

Nursing dementia care

While not a specialist dementia nursing home, we do offer the space and facilities for the people who live with us to receive nursing and palliative care. We never move someone who has come to call Seabourne House their home. Our team of medical staff, therapists, and chaplains are here to provide holistic support, no matter someone’s needs.

Individual dementia care plans

Dementia can affect a person in a multitude of ways – forgetfulness is just a symptom of many, with confusion, outbursts, issues with language and feeling detached from social situations some of the additional manifestations of the disease. It means that no case of dementia is the same, and the reason why each person who chooses Seabourne House as their home receives their own individual dementia care plan.

Our dementia care plans take into account all aspects of a person’s life – from their capabilities and routine to their unique habits and the medicines they take. We go into a huge amount of detail and ensure each of our care staff is given a summary of that person’s individual needs, so they can provide the very best care in line with our dementia care model and their care plan.

Providing the very best dementia care in Bournemouth

Seabourne House is dedicated to providing the very best dementia care. We’re proud to have received an incredibly positive report in our last CQC inspection, and continue to strive to create an exceptional place that the people who live with us can call home.

If you would like to talk to us about dementia care for your loved one, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team are here to offer advice and further information on our care home based in beautiful Bournemouth.