Dementia Care Home Bournemouth

Do you have a family member who requires professional, dedicated care, so you’re in the process of looking for an award-winning local dementia care homeBournemouth residents, look no further than Seabourne House as we specialise in catering to residents with all stages of dementia. You can find out more about our approach to care by reading below or calling us on 01202 428 132! 

Discover Our Dementia Care Home in Bournemouth 

Welcome to Seabourne House – a modern and luxurious dementia care home Bournemouth residents can’t recommend enough. Our close-knit team specialises in providing the highest quality of care for people with memory problems. 

Seabourne House offers no fewer than 48 spacious, fully en-suite rooms that span across three separate floors. Three of these rooms are doubles, which allows for couples to remain together if they wish – just let us know in advance if this is something that’s required! 

LuxuryCare’s Dementia Care Home Bournemouth Can Trust 

As a responsible person, you are probably doing plenty of research in advance before settling on a dementia care home. Bournemouth residents wondering exactly how Seabourne House stands out from other establishments in the area are encouraged to visit our premises! 

The spaces at Seabourne House have been decorated in a way that has been specifically designed to facilitate the independence of those who are living with dementia. The unique layout will mitigate potential confusion or fear that the residents may sometimes feel as an effect of memory loss. 

Not only that, our trained staff members are going to use visual cues, sensory reminders and gentle direction wherever appropriate, while still making sure that all of the residents feel as independent as possible. 

Why Choose Seabourne House Over Any Other Dementia Care Home Bournemouth Offers? 

All of LuxuryCare’s Bournemouth dementia care homes are led by an integrated team of staff. Each and every member of the team working immensely hard in order to make sure that the specific needs and requirements of all of our residents. Whatever they may be – are always met. 

Before anyone is employed at our dementia care home in Bournemouth, all potential candidates will have to go through a specialist two-week induction programme. Included is plenty of practical training to guarantee professional capability under any circumstances they may face. 

Prior to the resident’s move into Seabourne House, we are going to carry out a comprehensive assessment. This process is completed for everyone who expresses an interest in becoming a resident of our dementia care home in Bournemouth. 

During this process, we are going to get to know your loved one personally and consult with you closely about their needs, habits, preferences. We will also gather their medical requirements in an effort to make the transition as stress-free as possible for everyone involved. 

Fun, Engaging Activities Available at Our Dementia Care Home Bournemouth Loves 

There is plenty for the residents to do in our dementia care home. Bournemouth residents living in our home can enjoy regular: 

  • Baking 
  • Bingo, Scrabble and Jenga 
  • Fayres and Fetes 
  • Horse Racing 
  • Hymns and Poetry 
  • Olympic Games and Skittles 
  • Vintage Tea Parties 

If you want to stay up to date on everything that’s going on at Seabourne House, make sure to keep checking our page of news and activities

Get in Touch with Our Bournemouth Dementia Care Home 

As soon as you want to book a visit to our Bournemouth dementia care home – or if you have any questions about our approach to care – please feel free to either send a quick message through our contact form, e-mail your information over to or call us on 01202 428 132