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Have you been phoning around the various local care homes to find one that provides the right nursing care for your loved one? If you haven’t phoned Seabourne House yet, we recommend that you do so before making your final decision. We’re one of the best care homes in Bournemouth, offering nursing care and residential care that meets the highest of standards. 

Our care home is situated in a quiet, leafy suburb and is just a short distance from all the various local attractions and amenities – perfect for day trips out. We boast a range of excellent in-house facilities, making us one of the best-equipped nursing care homes around. And we provide residential care that’s tailored to the needs of each resident. 

We’re beyond confident that our residential care home has everything your loved one could need, including housing and more. To learn more, call Seabourne House on 01202 099836

The Most Trusted Provider of Dementia Nursing Care 

Here at Seabourne House, we take immense pride in providing a safe and secure environment for residents with and without dementia. We recognise that it can be a difficult decision to choose a suitable home when a loved one is living with dementia. Fortunately, we’re one of the most well-equipped care homes around, equipped to provide exceptional residential care and dementia care. 

Our residents live in luxury as we provide them with comfortable accommodation, furnished to a high standard. Our residents are looked after by our incredibly talented nursing care team, and each resident is looked after in accordance with the bespoke care plan they’ve been assigned. This ensures that both residents with and without dementia receive the best residential care here at Seabourne House. 

Introducing One of the Finest Dementia Nursing Care Homes 

At Seabourne House, we’re committed to providing the best possible care and strive to ensure that each resident receives care that’s tailored to their needs. We’re proud to be one of the most highly regarded care homes, most noted for our incredible residential care team. Our team take the time to get to know each resident, familiarising themselves with their individual needs and personalities. 

Before admission to our care home, we undergo a process to establish the resident’s specific requirements and gauge their capabilities and level of independence. Depending on what stage the dementia is at, many residents will still retain much of their independence for some time, and we do our best to preserve this. No wonder we’re considered one of the top care homes in Bournemouth. 

Accommodation at Our Dementia and Residential Care Home 

As with all other care homes, Seabourne House provides residents with housing in the form of comfortable accommodation. As we’re a nursing home that cares for residents with dementia, our accommodation has been designed accordingly. Many of our rooms have brightly coloured doors with the resident’s name and photo displayed. There’s also a memory box next to each door, so residents can easily find their rooms. 

Dementia is often exacerbated by the confusion-induced anxiety that residents experience when they cannot remember something or become lost. These colourful design aids and the similarly colourful themes adopted throughout our dementia levels help to facilitate recognition and memory. This alleviates confusion, helping residents of our nursing care home to feel relaxed. 

All our rooms come fully furnished, though residents can bring personal possessions and items of furniture with them. We’ll remove any items that aren’t needed. Residents can also elect to have the walls painted if they dislike the colour. There’s also space for any medical equipment that the resident will require. 

Beyond the residents’ rooms, we have communal spaces throughout our nursing home for residents to relax. Hallways sport brightly coloured, themed murals and visual and sensory cues. And the communal lounge and dining spaces boast comfortable furniture for a cosy feel as well as calm colours to promote peacefulness. 

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Available Facilities at Our Dementia Care Home 

It’s important that our nursing home be equipped with everything each resident could possibly need to provide the best level of care. Our residents will want for nothing while residing at Seabourne House Care Home. There are many facilities available; some facilities our residents can access directly while others are provided on behalf of the residents by our residential care team. 

These facilities include:  

  • Laundry Services  
  • Hair Salon  
  • Medical Services  
  • Catering 


All care homes provide a laundry service, and Seabourne House is no different. We’re committed to providing the best possible laundry service, delivered in line with our unwavering approach to nursing care. It’s not enough to just provide our residents with clean clothes and bedding; we seek to do so in a way that is conducive to their physical health. 

To that end, our residential care team use a laundry detergent known as OTEX. OTEX is specially formulated to destroy all microorganisms, including: 

  • Viruses 
  • Mould 
  • Fungi 
  • Yeast 
  • Bacteria 

OTEX protects the residents of our care home but has also been formulated to be gentle to clothing and bedding and safe for use. It’s like your regular detergent, only a lot deadlier to microorganisms. 

And to ensure that our nursing care home residents receive the correct garments back, we tag each piece with a button. This button is unique to the resident, so clothes can be quickly returned to the right owner, usually the very same day. 

We can arrange for dry cleaning, but this is covered by an external company and is charged separately. 

Hair Salon 

How many care homes do you know of that offer an in-house hair salon service? Some do, some don’t; ours certainly does! Everyone deserves to feel pampered, and we feel that this is an invaluable part of the care we provide for our residents. Our mobile hairdresser regularly visits and is trained in dealing with residents with dementia. So, those requiring dementia care need not miss out. 

Medical Services 

Our nursing team can provide much of the care required by our residents as outlined in their tailored care plans. But there is a limit to what types of care can be provided by the residential care team at our care home. We maintain connections with various medical professionals who are on hand to assist with more specialised requirements. 

Every resident at our residential care home has access to a variety of medical services. These specialists visit Seabourne House regularly, so residents won’t have to travel to them. These specialists include:  

  • Psychiatrists  
  • Chiropodists  
  • Occupational Therapists  
  • Nurses/ Doctors 


One of the contributors to good health is a balanced diet. Here at Seabourne House Care Home, our nursing team understand the importance of receiving the right level of nutrition and how this plays into the health of each resident. Just as important as nutrition is taste, and our excellent catering team put together some menus featuring some truly delicious meal options. 

Our chefs know how to put together a good spread, from hearty breakfasts to hot and cold lunches and sumptuous evening meals. Each dish is prepared fresh using locally sourced ingredients where possible. Here at our care home, we cater to all dietary requirements. 

The catering team work closely with dieticians and nutritionists, ensuring that every meal provides the residents with exactly what they need. If a resident has any allergies, alternatives will be provided. And if a resident doesn’t fancy what’s on the menu, the chef will be happy to put together something else for them. 

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Other Facilities Available at Our Dementia Care Nursing Home 

We’ve covered some of the facilities provided here at our care home in Bournemouth, but that’s not all the facilities we provide. Here at Seabourne House Care Home, residents will also have access to well-being services, a chaplain, chiropodists, and opticians. You can find out a little more below. 

Well-Being Services 

Our residential care team don’t just look after the physical needs of our residents but their mental needs too. At Seabourne House Care Home, we provide well-being services intended to ensure each resident is living a good life. There’s ample opportunity for residents to engage with our nursing team, even if it’s just to have a little chat over a cup of tea. And we also provide numerous ways to keep residents active with social, educational, and recreational activities. 

You can find out more about these activities below or by calling our residential care team directly. Residents always have the choice of whether to participate or not, though we strongly recommend that they do so as staying active keeps the morale up and mind sharp. 


At our care home in Bournemouth, residents are free to express their faith, regardless of what that faith might be. Our care home is frequented by a dementia-trained multi-denominational chaplain who visits regularly to deliver religious services. Our care home residents can attend these services where they can sing all their favourite hymns. 

The chaplain is another person besides our residential care team to who residents can speak if necessary. The chaplain can visit the resident’s room if they’d rather converse in private, and this is another one of the well-being services that we provide at our nursing care home

Chiropodists/ Opticians 

As a person ages, their physical health will deteriorate, and this is especially true of the eyes and feet. Problems with the feet can make getting about difficult. And diminished eyesight can impact a person’s independence and emotional well-being.  

Our care home is visited by two chiropodists every six weeks. This service is not included in our fees, but we highly recommend it to ensure the best well-rounded care for your loved one. Our visiting optician has many years of experience treating residents in nursing care homes. They are fully qualified and come equipped with the latest mobile optical equipment.  

Residents can have their eyes tested in comfortable, familiar surroundings. And new prescriptions can be created very quickly for delivery to the care home. 

Visit Your Loved Ones 

The residential care team at Seabourne House encourage friends and family to visit their loved ones often. There are no set visiting hours; we only ask that you use common sense and make sure you fill out the visitor’s log on arrival and departure. You can also pop along to the care home to have a meal with your loved one. Just let us know in advance; we’ll also require a small contribution to cover meal costs. 

Action-Packed Activities Schedule Only at Our Dementia Care Home 

At Seabourne House Care Home, we have a packed activities schedule that changes weekly. These are classed as well-being services which are explained above. The idea is to remove feelings of loneliness and help with depression by giving residents plenty of distractions. Activities include: 

  • Arts and Crafts 
  • Baking 
  • Bingo 
  • Fayres and Fetes 
  • Hymns and Poetry 
  • Olympic Games and Skittles 

We also arrange day trips out on a rotating schedule, so every resident gets a chance to leave our nursing care home and explore somewhere new or familiar. 

What Makes Seabourne House One of the Top Dementia Nursing Care Homes? 

When it comes to top-quality dementia and residential care, you’ll find Seabourne House to be one of the finest options available. 

We’ve received an impeccable score from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which should serve to demonstrate the balanced care we provide. Every member of our residential care team undergoes extensive in-house training, regardless of prior experience. This includes shadowing a senior member of the team who will help them learn the ropes and become familiar with our residents. 

In line with CQC requirements, our care home has passed with flying colours in areas that include standards of care and hygiene. We operate a safe and secure home in which residents are encouraged to relax and feel at peace. But you shouldn’t just take our word for it; head on over to our testimonials page to see what others have said about the care their loved ones have received. 

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When you’re looking for top-tier residential care homes in Bournemouth, you should look no further than Seabourne House. We’re one of the finest providers of dementia care and residential care in the local area and are proud members of the LuxuryCare Group. We share the LuxuryCare Group’s ethos for providing quality care in a homely setting while maintaining a person’s independence for as long as possible. Our approach to dementia care is second-to-none, and we’re regarded for the nursing care we provide. 

If you feel that, of all the care homes you’ve visited, ours best meets your loved one’s requirements, we encourage you to get in touch today. Pick up the phone and call our residential care team today on 01202 099836, and they’ll answer any questions you might have. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to submit a request in writing or have a particularly lengthy enquiry, complete our contact form or email