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Is your loved one struggling to carry out daily activities on their own? Is a member of your family struggling with dementia? If you can relate to either of these questions, then please get in touch with our LuxuryCare care home Seabourne House. We are a Dorset care facility that welcomes individuals with and without dementia. Our qualified and experienced care staff provide detailed care plans that are tailored to each resident. 

As well as providing expert care, our Dorset house has a range of fantastic facilities, giving each resident the home comforts, they desire. Every element of our care programme is designed to allow each resident live their lives with independence and dignity. If you would like to find out more information about our beautiful care home in Dorset, get in touch today. You can reach a member of our friendly team by calling 01202 099747

A Dorset Care Home You Can Trust

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Moving into a care home is a major decision that is life altering, and we fully understand the anxieties that come with it. Because of this, our friendly staff go out of their way to make sure that residents experience a smooth transition into our Dorset house. LuxuryCare is built on a foundation of expert care and attention. The ethos at all of our care homes is to treat each resident as an individual. 

By moving into our Dorset care homes, residents are not giving up their freedom but rather getting the care they need and additional support. We promote independence at our care home, and our residents often claim that they feel at home in our Dorset house. The health and joy of our residents’ is our primary focus, and this is why we constantly monitor and assess our staff to ensure that the highest level of care is being provided. 

The Services at Our Dorset Care Home

Here at Seabourne House, we welcome residents with and without dementia. Our care home in Dorset provides specialised nursing care, with each resident receiving an individual plan tailored to their needs. Our Dorset house provides a high level of care, and we also provide helpful direction to residents so that they can live their daily lives as normal. 

Dementia care is a significant part of our care model as it is a disease that affects many people as they enter their twilight years. When brain cells begin to die as a result of Alzheimer’s or a lack of oxygen to the brain, dementia sets in. It is important to note that dementia is a progressive disease, so it affects each individual differently. 

Some residents at our care homes in Dorset experience significant memory loss, while others have trouble speaking and understanding how to do the simplest of tasks. As a result of some of these symptoms, residents at our care home can feel fearful and confused, which is why we take extra measures to keep them safe. By having tailored care plans, we are able to formulate a suitable approach depending on the stage of dementia the resident has reached. 

Our care home staff work closely with GPs, mental health organisations, and nurses to ensure that each resident is receiving the appropriate type of care. Given the progressiveness of dementia, we continually adapt and reassess our care plans accordingly. Rest assured that our healthcare assistants undergo an extensive in-house training programme to achieve the skills and knowledge required to care for residents with dementia. 

As well as dementia care, our Dorset house is known for welcoming residents who are nearing the end of their days and require some assistance. Our palliative care is in place to give your loved one a comfortable space in which they can live until they pass away. We work closely with medical staff, therapists, family members, and chaplains to make sure that your loved one’s wishes are met. 

Luxury Accommodation

There are many elements that make our Dorset house stand out amongst other care homes, and included in that is our fantastic accommodation. It is important that all of our care home residents feel comfortable in their surroundings, so we have created a home away from home. Our luxury care home is made up of three floors with 48 large en-suite rooms in total. There are three rooms designed for couples who want to stay together, and these rooms come with a comfortable double bed. 

For our care home residents living with dementia, we have added visual cues and sensory reminders via the decor throughout our Dorset house. The purpose of this is to help residents with their memory and to calm them in times of confusion. Not only does our care home accommodation have stunning rooms, but our location makes us one of the more enviable care homes in Dorset. 

We are situated a short walk away from Southbourne beach, and many of our residents take a stroll along the coastline with our care staff to enjoy the beautiful views. 

Our Dorset Care Home Rooms

Each room in our Dorset house is fitted with high quality furniture and a comfortable bed. We understand that some of our residents live with mobility issues, so rest assured that our care home will adapt and fit additional features. For example, some residents require mobility aids and hoists. 

To achieve the home away from home feel, we encourage new residents to bring photographs and pieces of furniture from their home so that they have their comforts around them. Residents can also choose a wall colour for their room before they move into our Dorset house. Each bedroom has a memory box at the entrance, displaying photographs and images that are personal to each resident. 

By doing this, we can help alleviate any confusion experienced by our residents and help them recognise their room. 

Communal Areas

We have created a wonderful tight-knit community here at Seabourne House, and many of our residents enjoy socialising together. The communal areas in our care home consist of specified rooms that contain a number of comfortable armchairs. If they choose to, residents can sit together and have a chat or simply relax. 

In our communal areas, we like to promote a family feel by displaying pictures of our residents and their recent activities, whether that be a day trip or a stroll along the beach.  

A Wide Range of Facilities

As well as tailored care plans, we provide an array of facilities to ensure that every single resident gets access to what they need. Below, we have outlined the facilities of Seabourne House. 

Laundry Services

We have a dedicated housekeeping team who work round the clock to keep our residents’ clothes nice and clean. By using a special laundry detergent called OTEX, we are able to rid clothes of all micro-organisms, ensuring optimum hygiene. Once every item has been washed and dried, our support team will iron the clothing and put them away for our residents. 


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It is important that all of our residents have healthy and nutritious meals, so our catering team have created a delicious menu that consists of three meals a day. Residents will be offered breakfast spreads, as well as hot and cold lunches. Each evening, we make dinner a special occasion by laying our tables as if at a 5-star restaurant. 

Residents will be given a three-course meal, and if they do not like the set menu, our chef will happily put together a specific dish for them. 

Hair Salon

For a bit of pampering, residents can enlist our dementia trained mobile hairdresser, who regularly visits to cut and style hair  

Medical Services

All residents under our care will be able to get medical appointments without having to leave our care home. We arrange doctor’s visits, dentist appointments, and eye-sight checks whenever required. Psychiatrists, occupational therapists, district nurses, and other professionals regularly visit to assist in monitoring health issues, including dementia. 

Our Chaplain

Your loved one does not have to give up their routine when it comes to practicing their faith. At our care home, we have our very own multi-denominational chaplain, who is dementia-trained. They visit Seabourne House to conduct various religious services. 

Wellbeing Services

Our care extends to more than health issues, as we also want to help any residents who express feelings of depression, anxiousness, and loneliness. To combat this, we put on a range of activities and day trips. 

Day Trips

Plenty of our residents love to head out for the day, and we are always organising new and exciting trips. Some of the many trips we have been on include visits to the New Forest, going to the theatre to watch a show, and trips to local museums and art galleries. 

Fun Activities for Residents

At Seabourne House, there is always something fun for our residents to do, including bingo, scrabble, and other board games. We also organise vintage tea parties and mad hatter tea parties, as well as cheese and wine afternoons! On top of that, we regularly have sign hymns and have poetry sessions. 

A man and woman have a conversation with a nurse

Care Plans

As mentioned, care plans are a core part of the function of our care home. With each one being tailored to each individual client, we are able to provide specialist care and help understand what is normal for them. Before someone moves into Seabourne House, we carry out pre-assessments and study medical records. Our team also speak to the resident and family members to get a detailed understanding of their needs. 

In the care plan itself, we cover all aspects, including what their capabilities and habits are, what their daily routines consist or, and what medicines they are taking. Once the plan is devised, we give a copy of the summary to every member of staff. Keep in mind that we will alter care plans during your loved one’s stay if their condition and needs change over time. 

Why Choose Our Dorset Care Home?

The wellbeing, health, and happiness of our residents is the number one priority at Seabourne House. We are not just a simple care home; we are a tight-knit community that gives residents with and without dementia a comfortable and content living environment. Our dedicated staff will never undermine your loved one’s independence, and every aspect of their time with us is tailored to suit them. 

Every member of staff is highly trained to ensure the best level of care. The team is made up of management, caregivers, support staff, and more. We have all adopted the LuxuryCare ethos, and each member of the team goes above and beyond in their roles. When care staff are employed, they undergo a two-week induction, which involves practical training. 

Each member is monitored and assessed regularly to make sure that standards remain high, and we provide support via a buddy system. Staff are offered an opportunity to obtain a diploma in care, and we always encourage our members to work towards promotion and gain additional qualifications. 

Contact Us 

If your loved one would benefit from the care and facilities we have at our Dorset care home, then you should get in touch with a member of our team today. By developing tailored care plans, we can provide bespoke care to every single resident, ensuring that they get everything they need to live comfortably in our Dorset house. It is our mission to create a space in which residents can retain their independence in a relaxing and safe care home. 

All of our staff are highly trained and experienced, and they will swiftly become a friendly face. The environment of Seabourne House is warm and welcoming, with our residents becoming a tight-knit community. We are more than happy to discuss our care plans and care home facilities in more detail. All you have to do is call 01202 099747. Alternatively, send an email to or fill in our online form.