Luxury Care Homes In Dorset

It can be difficult to pick the perfect care home. There is a lot to think about and the information available can be overwhelming and confusing to understand. Our luxury care homes in Dorset have everything you need to make your stay one of a kind, with easy information at the ready and excellent care from all our staff.

Seabourne House is the perfect home away from home, catering for all your care needs no matter what they may be. Our home is excited to open its doors to everyone, so if you’re in the market for the best bespoke Dorset care home get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Seabourne House Activities

At Seabourne House, we understand that staying active is the most important thing in a luxury care home. Dorset residents will want to ensure their loved ones are staying active as much as possible and enjoying the amazing weather, especially at summertime.

Our residents are spoiled with everything going on. We are proud to say that not only do we rent two beach huts, with regular beach visits through the summer, but we also organise trips out to places like the Tank Museum, the New Forest, watching a show at the local theatre and enjoying the local art galleries. If that isn’t enough, our residents enjoy evening entertainment such as everyone’s favourite, bingo, baking, and hosting the occasional vintage tea party!

If you’re a loved one wanting to make sure that your loved one is being looked after in our Dorset care home, we have a monthly newsletter called the Seabourne Supplement which can keep you up to date with everything that goes on within our care home community.

Bespoke Rooms

At Seabourne House, we understand that everybody is different, and that all our residents have their own unique personality with their own life experience. This is why we have bespoke rooms for all our residents at our luxury care home in Dorset. Every room fits the resident, making it their home.

We believe that all our rooms should be an environment that a resident wants to spend time in and make their own. Our rooms have top quality, comfortable furniture for when our residents want to relax, and each room is adapted to cater for any individual needs a resident may have, whether this be hoists, hospital beds, or handrails. We ensure all residents are kept safe and comfortable.

We encourage all our residents to bring any of their own furniture, photographs, or treasured possessions from home to ease the transition period. We also ask that they choose the colour they want their room, as we find this comforts our residents and makes them feel at home. It also minimises any anxiety or confusion that might occur.

All other areas in our luxury care home are filled with cosy armchairs for residents and visitors to enjoy. We create a calm and relaxing atmosphere for all our residents to mingle and make the most of their time together. At Seabourne House, we understand that making new friends can happen at any stage in life and this is something we wish to facilitate. With vibrant colours and decorative boards with photos lining the corridors, the residents will never be bored, and that’s one thing we can guarantee at our luxury care home, Dorset.

Luxury Care Home Dorset Facilities

At Seabourne House, we make it our mission to ensure the residents have the best possible facilities at their disposal. All the facilities within our Dorset care home enable us to look after all residents in our care to the highest level.

Our highly trained housekeeping team work tirelessly to ensure all areas of the home are clean and tidy, with the very best infection control in Dorset. Our housekeeping team tag all clothes, making sure they always make it back to the resident they belong to, using a top quality laundry detergent which eradicates all fungus, mold, yeast and, viruses in every wash, keeping all our residents safe.

We have a special dementia trained hairdresser who pops in regularly to ensure all our residents are kept looking their best and have the hair styles they want, because looking good is a big part of great mental health. We make sure all our residents are able to express their faith with our own chaplain who comes to visit our residents every week.

Contact Our Luxury Care Home In Dorset

If you have a loved one who is in need of bespoke care, look no further than our luxury care home, Dorset. Give us a call on 01202 099747 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have and book you in for a visit so you can see Seabourne House first hand. Alternatively, you can drop us a quick email at or fill out our form on our website so that we can get back to you and help you through this transition.